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        Teachers and administrators in Park City School District are actively working to effectively implement the new Utah Core Standards in mathematics and language arts K-12.

        Middle grades teachers (6-9) have been working since 2011 to develop the teaching strategies and learning activities that would meet the rigor and depth of learning with the Core. Student achievement has demonstrated that teaching fewer concepts at a deeper level is deepening student understanding.

        Secondary Language arts teachers have been working the last three years to develop critical thinking and the new writing requirements of the Core. This year, they will be joined by science and social studies teachers to develop cross-curricular activities.

        The district has adopted new programs for mathematics in grades K-6. My Math (K-5) and Math Connects were selected after a yearlong curriculum review conducted by teachers, administrators, and parents, under the direction of John Hall, assistant principal of Ecker Hill Middle School. Additional information will be provided to parents along with access to online resources.

        This year, the new end of year state assessments in math, language arts and science will be implemented. We anticipate having access to sample questions that teachers can use as classroom assessments in October. Upon their release by the State Office of Education, the district will organize several parent information nights to provide additional information.

        For more information regarding the Core Standards: