• The Board of Education approved updates Nov. 21, 2017, to the district’s Strategic Plan’s mission, vision, values and goals for 2018-2022.  The plan includes the following:


     The mission of Park City School District is to inspire and support all students equitably to achieve their academic and social potential.


    Park City School District is student-centered with a focus and emphasis on the whole child — our students are safe, supported, engaged, challenged, and healthy.


    Academic Success: We are committed to engaging all students to reach their full potential no matter where they are in their academic journeys.

    Leadership: We are committed to continuous development, accountability, and transparency.

    Excellent Personnel:  We are committed to hiring the best and the brightest staff in a transparent and fair manner.

    Communication: We are committed to communicating with all stakeholders in an open, timely, and consistent manner.

    Community Alliances: We are committed to a culture of collaboration with our community partners.


    Strategic Goal 1 (Academic Success): Develop the potential of every student through data-driven and best learning practices to be academically successful and prepared for life beyond graduation. Provide safe, optimal and equitable learning environments for all students and staff.

    Strategic Goal 2 (Leadership): Provide district-wide leadership that exhibits transparency, clarity and accountability at all times and in all situations.

    Strategic Goal 3 (Excellent Personnel): Create a culture of respect for all employees through recruiting, retaining, and providing professional development, while building the district’s leadership capacity.

    Strategic Goal 4 (Communication): Continuously deliver efficient, effective, and transparent communication about the district.

    Strategic Goal  5 (Community Alliances): Partner with families and the community for the general well-being and education of our collective student base while including a culture of inclusiveness and respect for the rich diversity of our community.