• To enroll a child in a Park City School District school, the minor child must reside with their custodial parent or legal guardian whose primary residence falls within the boundaries of the Park City School District.

    Divorced Parents:

    Schools are required to comply with court orders.  The enrolling parent must provide official court documents showing that they are the child’s primary-custodial or joint-custodial parent.  If a non-custodial parent wants to enroll a child, the school may require updated legal documents documenting a change in the custodial parents’ status.

    Non-Parents/Legal Guardianship:

    Children not living with a birth/adoptive parent cannot be enrolled in a Park City School District school without a legal guardian who lives within the district boundaries.  The Park City School District requires that legal guardianship be obtained through the court.  Notarized letters from parents giving “guardianship” to other persons are NOT acceptable.  You must provide the school with a copy of the final guardianship papers once they are signed by a judge.  For information on obtaining legal guardianship, contact the Summit County Juvenile Court (435-615-4320) or go to and click “Guardianship of a Minor.”

    Foster Parents:

    Written verification of official court or agency placement must be provided.

    Foreign Exchange Host Parents:

    Contact the District Office at 435-645-5600 for information about hosting students via a J1 Visa Exchange Student program (grades 10-12 only) or an F1 International Student Visa.  After the District has approved the student for enrollment, the host parent will complete the new student enrollment process with the District Registrar.  You will need to provide all required enrollment documents and official written documentation that you are the student’s host parent.

    Reference: Utah Laws 53A-2-201 and 53A-2-202, Policy 10010–Student Enrollment. If information becomes available that an enrolled student does not meet any of the criteria listed above and cannot furnish the necessary documentation of residency or guardianship, that student will not be considered a legal resident of the district and enrollment will be terminated. Separate registrations and subsequent documentation must be completed for each child you are registering.